Project Financing

The financing of building works and land.

In the framework of the State Host Act (Swiss Confederation and Canton of Geneva), the FIPOI contributes to financing the buildings of international intergovernmental Organisations and, exceptionally, the NGOs in Geneva by providing interest-free loans repayable in 50 years.

When the organisation does not have enough funds, the Federation Council of the FIPOI makes a funding request to the Federal Department for Foreign Affairs (DFAE). The loan is then, by Federal Council request, voted upon by the Swiss Federal Assembly and made available to the FIPOI.

The FIPOI then lends these funds to the organisations through a private-law contract. The FIPOI is also responsible for checking that its loans are put to their agreed use.

As a general rule, the State of Geneva also makes the land necessary for constructions with free surface rights available to the organisation directly, or through the FIPOI, for a duration of 50 years.

How is the FIPOI financed?

  • The Confederation and State of Geneva provide as necessary the means needed for FIPOI to reach its goals.
  • The Confederation generally makes loans with favourable conditions (lasting 50 years, interest-free) and exceptionally makes grants.
  • The Canton of Geneva makes the land necessary for constructions available with surface rights, also with favourable conditions (lasting 50 years, free annuity).
  • The Foundation can also receive subsidies from governments, as well as all donations and bequests.