Sustainable Development

In order to embody the principles of sustainable development, and to fully take on its environmental, economic and social responsibilities, the FIPOI signed in autumn 2007 a declaration on its sustainable development policy.

In doing so, it commits to progressively putting in place a series of measures which are applicable in all its relations with clients, partners, and suppliers. These refer to three main areas: social solidarity, economic and ecological responsibility. These categories cover, for example, the reduction of use of natural resources, the establishment of initiatives with partners, the adoption of working conditions above the current norms or working with suppliers so that they adopt environmentally-friendly management systems.

Since winter 2007, the FIPOI has carried out five projects in the domain of ecological responsibility, and one project in the domain of social responsibility.

The FIPOI commissioned a report on its sustainable development activities in March 2010: (only in french)

Download our report "The FIPOI and sustainable development, ideas, projects, actions and results"