International Geneva

Geneva’s universal vocation was born at the beginning of the 20th Century thanks to the establishment of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) - created in 1868 - and, later, of the European headquarters of the United Nations, and of the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN).

Since then, the ties between Geneva - the town of peace - and the actors of international cooperation have constantly been developing and the Canton has become an international crossroads in the humanitarian, economic, scientific and environmental domains. This international situation gave birth to an expression: « International Geneva ».

The name “International Geneva” defines the role of Geneva as the host-town of international organisations. Business, environment and sustainable development, peace-keeping and security, meteorology, health, telecommunications, labour, human rights etc. The international organisations domiciled in Geneva cover an infinite number of topics.

Their numbers are constantly increasing and, today, Geneva is the headquarters of 23 intergovernmental organisations and of more than 250 non-governmental international organisations representing more than 180 nationalities.

These varied international organisations, governmental or non-governmental, which compose International Geneva, are the trump card of Swiss foreign policy.

They are especially welcome at the International Geneva - Welcome Centre (CAGI):
Visit the CAGI website

These international organisations benefit from the FIPOI’s efforts to do everything it can to facilitate their establishment, by building their headquarters or offices and by making available, through the CICG - International Conference Centre Geneva, the conference rooms necessary for the holding of many meeting throughout the year.
Conférence Centre, Geneva website).

The FIPOI has ensured the construction of several organisation headquarters:

- Federal Department for Foreign Affairs - Swiss Mission Geneva:  DFAE website.

- Republic and Canton of Geneva:  GE website.

- Site of the State of Geneva International Geneva: Geneva International Cooperation

- Download the map of organizations (PDF format - © Bip-Bip / FIPOI)

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